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Saint Nektarios

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A saint of the twentieth century
(November 9th)

  Have you ever realized that we might have a saint living among us? You might be wondering how this is possible in our time. Do not think that this is strange. Every age, even ours, has its saints. And these saints move very simply and silently among us, that is why no one realizes their presence immediately.
  Saint Nektarios was a simple child. He was the fifth out of six children from a poor family. When he was thirteen years old, in 1859, he left his birthplace, Silivria in eastern Thrace, and went to Constantinople to find work and get educated.
  He was a young child, but with strong faith. That is why he was not afraid in the face of difficulties. The merchant, near whom he would work, was suddenly forced to immigrate to a faraway place. Therefore, young Anastasis - that was his baptismal name - could not follow him. Thus, he found himself in the big city alone, unknown among strangers. He was not alone, though. He had an inseparable friend and companion, Jesus Christ, whom he believed in and loved. With His power he could face the problems of life with courage.
  He found work in a workshop where he had to stack tobacco balls in large boxes and crates. He had to work from very early in the morning until late at night. Unfortunately, his boss was constantly angry, he was furious at everyone. However, Anastasis did not lose his courage. Every day he did his prayer and started his work with confidence.
  And when night came, he had a special joy. He carried out a secret missionary plan that he had come up with: He took separately more than fifty wrappers, in which the boxes with the tobacco were wrapped, and he wrote passages from the Bible and words of the Fathers on them! He had collected such passages in a thick notebook, which he carried with him. He had learned a lot of them by heart, as well. He felt so happy that he could offer them to people! This poor man could donate the most precious pearls! And how wonderful! Ever since Anastasis started this beautiful habit, his work started flourishing. The orders they would get were increasing!
  But as winter arrived, poverty hit Anastasis hard. Because of time and effort, his clothes and his shoes were worn out. That year, the winter was heavy, with a lot of snow and endless rains. The child was cold and he suffered terribly. One night, he decided to approach his boss and ask for help. But he looked at him with contempt and spoke sternly to him. He showed no desire to support him.
  Anastasis soaked his pillow in tears that night. When he fell asleep for a while, he saw in his dream the omnipotent Christ. He asked him why he was crying, but he could not answer. When he woke up, it was still dawn, so he decided to write a letter. He took a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote: "Christ, you asked me why I was crying. My clothes and my shoes are worn out, my toes have come out and I suffer. I'm cold in the winter now. I went to my boss yesterday and he sent me away ... Christ, what can I do? Forgive me for bothering you. I worship and adore you, your slave Anastasios ". The child with the simple but strong faith put his letter in an envelope and wrote: "For the Lord Jesus Christ". Address: "To heaven".
  It was still dawn when he set off for the post office. He had to post other letters, as well. On the way to the post office, he met his neighbor, Mr. Themistoklis, who had a shop with frames opposite his workplace. He was also going to the post office. Seeing Anastasis running with holes in his shoes in the cold morning, he felt sorry for him and was he showed willingness to post his letters, too.
  Α week later, Anastasis was in for an unexpected surprise. He received a postal parcel. Sender: Jesus Christ! So, did he receive his letter? And now what does he send him? With trembling hands, full of wonder and emotion Anastasis opened the package. His eyes watered. The package contained brand new clothes and shoes! He fell on his knees and thanked his beloved Christ with tears.
  However, his sufferings were not over. His boss, as soon as he saw him well dressed, made some evil thoughts. He thought that Anastasis had stolen his new clothes and shoes, and started beating him mercilessly. "I'm not a thief, I'm not a thief, sir," the child repeated, crying.
  The neighbor heard their voices and immediately ran to reveal the truth. He was the "angel" who had sent the parcel on behalf of Christ. He was surprised when he saw the envelope with Jesus Christ and read its contents. Moved by the child's need and fervent prayer, he wanted to give him a present. Nevertheless, Anastasis was in for a second gift by Mr. Themistoklis: He was hired in his shop, to work in better conditions.
  After a few years, the little boy grew up. He became a teacher and later a monk, called "Nektarios". He studied at the Theological School of Athens and rose to high ecclesiastical positions in Alexandria, Egypt, until he became bishop of the Diocese of Pentapolis. However, his adventures in life were not over. Some people envied Saint Nektarios and slandered him with numerous false accusations. It is worthwhile to become familiar with his life in more detail, so as to admire the bravery of his soul, his trust in God, and his forbearance. Despite being very poor, and not having to eat for a few days, he did not say a bad word about any of his enemies.
 Saint Nektarios Later, he became director of the Rizarios Ecclesiastical School of Athens. Students there were destined to become theologians or priests. Saint Nektarios preached about faith and love to them. He used to lead by example. One night, he was cleaning the toilets of the school when he was "caught in the act" by the school principal. Why would he do such a thing? Well, the cleaner and his assistant, who constantly quarreled with each other, would often leave the toilets dirty, so Saint Nektarios did the job for them so as not to lose their salaries. His humiliation shocked both of them and they decided to change their behavior.
  Saint Nektarios remained humble until the end of his life, without malice for his enemies. That is why God glorified him. Immediately after his death, on November 9, 1920, the saint began to scent and perform miracles. Today in the island of Aegina a glorious temple has been erected in his name and many pilgrims embrace his holy relics with reverence.
  Saint Nektarios is a saint of the twentieth century. A lot of other saints followed: Saint Paisios, Saint Porphyrios, Saint Iakovos, Saint Sophia of Kleisoura. Our world has been constantly sending saints to heaven for centuries now. That's why we said in the beginning that maybe saints walk among us.
  What if a lot of people are falling more and more into corruption? There are always the few chosen of God. And they are "the salt of the earth" and "the light of the world" (Mt 5: 13, 14). We put a little salt in the food, but it makes it taste better. And a small candle is enough with its small flame to light the deep darkness. So, the few people of God make the lives of people "tastier" and beautiful and they enlighten the world with the light of hope. May all of us, with the help of Saint Nektarios and the desire to "become a saint" in our hearts, believe and love Christ with all the power of our hearts! Amen.

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